Moroccan Beni Ourain Rugs

Beni Ourain is a tribe which lives in Morocco Atlas Mountains and they are divided in to 17 different Berber families. Some folks come to lowland to farm and some people do nurture of sheep at the elevations of mountain, this is main part of their livelihood because sheep produce the high quality wool and Beni Ourain tribes use that wool in production of rugs.

Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Rug

Earlier natural dyes were used by Moroccan folks and they almost preferred colorful rugs and the finally the trend of colorful Moroccan rugs ended in late 20th century. If you see the 20th mid century vintage Beni Ourain carpets so they are quite sophisticated and natural and nowadays they are favorite of interior designers.


The most part of a beni ourain rug production done by women and that is weaving. Designs of beni ourain rugs are much similar to their personal life which they knit on rug. Normally the designs are inspired from their normal events like rural life, birth, marriage, spiritualism and womanhood.

Moroccan people who wove rugs have a strong belief that the rug could even defense from evil alacrity, they involved ingredient and lucky charms to defense the evil eye and bring fortune and prestige.

A normal traditional inspired Moroccan rug has a geometric pattern, cross lines and mostly they make cross lines from dark brown or black colors. You will notice Moroccan rugs never have a boarder but some rugs have fringe on boarders.

Earlier Moroccan rugs were used as a bedcover or blankets and later they started using as a decorative floor covering. Normally rugs have loose structure and made of thick soft pile and it remains warm in the atmosphere of Atlas Mountains that’s why they can use as a blanket.

Beni Ourain rugs are mostly simple in coloration and essence in design. This is why they can be easily unified in today’s decors. Their versatile modern design combined with their especially low price spots, makes them an abstract choice for folks from all walks of life.



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